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Religious Activities

If you are looking for additional Catholic youth activities to strengthen and deepen their faith and understanding, then look no further. We have several activities that will help young Catholics learn more about their faith, learn more about Catholic role models, and become more aware of our global faith community and cultures.

The Rosary Series

The Rosary Series will focus on a different set of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and an activity describing how to pray the rosary. This is an opportunity for the youth and adults alike to learn more about their faith. All youth and leaders are eligible to earn the patch. (Families are responsible for the cost of the patch.)

There are 5 activities in all. They are the Joyful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, Glorious Mysteries and Pray the Rosary. A beautiful 5" diameter patch is available with each activity.

  The Footsteps of American Saints

The Footsteps of American Saints program is a series of religious activities that encourages youth to learn about several individuals who have shaped the landscape of Catholicism in America. The goal is to share the lives of several Blessed and Saints so that the youth might relate to what these people have done and maybe look to these individuals as role models.

10 saint activities will be available at any one time…20 saint activities exist in all. A patch with the saint’s likeness is available for each activity. (Note: Families are responsible for the cost of the patch.)

 Available Activities (and Feast Day)

The Marian Activity Series

Each activity in this series examines one of the nineteen Marian Feasts Commemorated in the United States, focusing on how and why the Church has honored Mary for more than 2,000 years.

Additional patch programs will be released in 2014-1016. A patch with the saint’s likeness is available for each activity. (Note: Families are responsible for the cost of the patch.)

 Available Activities

    International Catholic Awareness

This activity is being offered by The International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS) in recognition of demonstrated awareness of Scouting in the Catholic Church throughout the world.

It contributes to the complete education of young people through Scouting from the perspective of the Catholic faith. It develops and enhances the spiritual dimension of Scouting in the World Scout Movement.

The activity pin/patch/medallion may be earned by any youth or adult, male or female, Catholic or not, who wishes to participate in this activity. (Families are responsible for the cost of the pin, patch or medal.)

St. Tarcisius Award/Retreat

This program is for everyone 11 years or older. It is designed to help young people understand the importance of the Catholic Church in their lives and to become more aware of the Real Presence of God in their lives, especially the Holy Eucharist.

This program has been in scouting for over thirty years. It helps Christian Scouts be better examples for living Christian lives with their neighbors. (Families are responsible for the cost of the medal.)

  • St. Tarcisius is the boy saint martyred protecting the Eucharist; thus, this program focuses on the Eucharist, with scripture study and other faith formation activities.(Learn more about St. Tarcisius from EWTN) (YouTube video about St. Tarcisius)
  • A Scout must share Christian beliefs to attend. The program explores Christian and some specific themes and events such as The Last Supper, Stations of the Cross, and the consecration of the bread and wine.
  • The St. Tarcisius is a beautiful award about the size of the God & Church medallion or Ad Altare Dei.